CM Punk looks back on The Rock calling him while at WWE Raw in 2017


During his recent Starrcast III interview, CM Punk talked about the time The Rock called him while he was at an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and why he didn't answer his phone.

In February 2017, The Rock was at a Raw in Los Angeles to film scenes for his film, Fighting With My Family. Rock cut a post-Raw promo and noted that the scene being filmed was based on Paige defeating AJ Lee for the Divas title.

Fans began chanting 'CM Punk', which prompted The Rock to call the former WWE champion and let him hear it. However, the call ended up going to voicemail.

At Starrcast, Punk revealed he missed the call because he was in the elevator at the time about to walk his dog.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: "I was in the elevator, going to the bottom floor to walk Larry. I was in the elevator, no reception in the elevator.

"My phone, no messages, I get in the elevator, it's really slow, by the time it gets down and I walk out and I have 87 messages on my phone. I think somebody is dead! I just get number after number, like 'Answer your phone!' I'm like, 'F---, who's dead? This sucks.'

"I'm trying to figure out what's going on and that weird number comes up again and I'm trying to answer it, but it's not going through.

"I had no idea what was going on until I'm done with the walk, 'Oh, Rock is calling me, live from the Staples Center, okay. This is f---in' weird.'

"I started texting him immediately after that, he got right back to me like, I'm like, 'Oh, brother! I was trying to answer, I was outside, I was in an elevator.' It just didn't work out."


As for the reaction backstage to the call from The Rock, Punk heard all about it.

He said: "Yes, I did hear, it was part of the text messages I was getting. A couple people backstage were like, 'It's crazy back here right now. Couple broken headsets, s--- is flying everywhere.'"

Punk revealed that he and The Rock would later trad texts with Punk apologising for being a "d--k" to him when he came back for a short period of time in 2013.

At least Punk wasn't blatantly ignoring The Rock and passing up on what would have been an incredible moment in WWE at the time.

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