CM Punk shares his thoughts on Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and WWE NXT


CM Punk has weighed in on the upcoming wrestling war between AEW and WWE's NXT on Wednesday nights, the Wednesday Night Wars.

Later this month, WWE will move NXT from the WWE Network and begin broadcasting it out each and every week live on Wednesday nights on the USA Network.

On October 2, AEW will debut their weekly show on TNT also on Wednesday nights, and this will be the official beginning of the Wednesday Night Wars.

During his interview at Starrcast III last weekend, CM Punk weighed in on the upcoming wrestling war between AEW and NXT.

While Punk doesn't argue that the two promotions will be battling it out against one another, he wants to make it clear that fans don't need to pick a side. They should just reap the benefits of the war.

He said, via IWNerd: “It doesn’t have to be like that. I’m here to tell you, we need to realize that it’s all there for us and we should enjoy all of it.

"Like right now I see a lot of AEW hats, but realize you can watch all of the s— that’s out there. Don’t let either company trick you into thinking it’s an us vs. them thing, just enjoy the wrestling.

"Whether its WWE or AEW or NXT, you guys don’t have to choose, you can f— watch it all, and it’s rad.


“Let them pretend like there’s some sort of war going on. You guys just get to reap the benefits. I think that’s great.”

The upcoming Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT should force both sides to step up their game to make sure that they don't lose out in the TV ratings war to the other promotion.

As a result, fantastic wrestling should be present in the ring of both promotions each and every week, and with the way the world works these days with the ability to watch wrestling whenever you like, fans can truly reap the benefits of both promotions.

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