Ranking every single Champions League home shirt for the 2019/20 season


The Champions League draw has officially been completed.

Now that the biggest leagues in Europe are officially underway and all the qualifying rounds have been resolved, football fans can almost hear the competition's iconic anthem already.

Sadly, we still have an international break to motor through first, but the opening fixtures has classics like Borussia Dortmund vs Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid lined up.

It's going to be another thrilling season of European football but, while we put our feet up in anticipation, we have decided to cast a different light on the 32 teams competing.

We're talking football kits. With sporting fashion gaining popularity with each year, brands are competing more than ever to produce the very best jerseys for Europe's biggest teams.

Every Champions League home kit ranked

And while we've already ranked every Premier League home and away kit this season, we've chosen to broaden the net to a continental level and assess the Champions League.

So, without further ado, here is our verdict on this season's current pack of European competitors and how they fare when we contrast their 2019/20 home jerseys. 

32. Chelsea

We're still convinced somebody at Nike fell asleep on an etch-a-sketch when designing the texture for this and we can't tell whats more awkward: the design or Eden Hazard wearing it?


31. Lille

Another texture pattern that just screams 'messy' and especially when it runs across the brand logo, club badge and sponsor as if they've all had paint chipped off them.


30. Borussia Dortmund

It feels blasphemous to put a Dortmund kit so low in these rankings, but we're not a fan of the whole diamond idea on the chest and shoulders. Once again, messy comes to mind.


29. Genk

This probably wouldn't look out of place in Sunday League and that isn't a good thing. Also, bring an umbrella because it's raining sponsors.


28. Galatasaray

For a club with such a rich history of quality strips, this looks more like a pyjama top or your grandma's curtains.


27. Zenit St. Petersburg

Again, Nike needed to tone things down with the texture here (it looks like something from a tray in Breaking Bad), but Zenit's badge and sponsor marry well as always.


26. Napoli

No doubt this jersey will have its fans, but Napoli have gone for a mixture of television static and aqua-camouflage for the texture. We're not sold.


25. Dinamo Zagreb

For some reason, this seriously reminds us of an Ipswich Town kit. One of the first jerseys on the list that just has us shrugging our shoulders.


24. Shakhtar Donetsk

How to ruin a jersey with a sponsor, ladies and gentlemen. There's just something that looks so cheap about the logo, which is a shame because it's otherwise a pretty nice look.


23. Bayern Munich

The torso design looks less like the Allianz Arena and more like those quilted hoodies you can get from Primark. It spoils an otherwise simple and smart strip.


22. Lokomotiv Moscow

Considering the unfortunate colour pallet that Lokomotiv have to work with, this is a pretty solid effort...


21. Lyon

You can't go too far wrong with a Lyon jersey. What holds this year's effort back is the practically invisible shoulder stripes and the missed opportunity to incorporate red and blue more.


20. RB Salzburg

This might be the most frustrating kit on the entire list because, despite absolutely loving the general design, we can't get our head around how ginormous the Red Bull logo is.


19. Juventus

We don't hate this departure from tradition as much as some, but it pales in comparison to other Juventus designs and we're not convinced by the central pink stripe.


18. Manchester City

The definition of middle of the road. We're not sure we'll ever decide whether the burgundy shoulders and lettering works for us or not.


17. Olympiacos

This otherwise gorgeous kit release from Greece has been sent tumbling down the list by another naff looking sponsor. You can't beat thin stripes when it comes to Adidas, though.


16. RB Leipzig

We're not wild about the meeting of white and grey for the colour scheme, but we don't dislike it either. Thankfully, they went far less wild on the Red Bull logo than their Austrian neighbours.


15. Bayer Leverkusen

It's not going to fly off the shelves in Germany, but it's a solid effort nonetheless. The diagonal red stripes and the black dots on the shoulders get a thumbs up from us.


14. Barcelona

Sue us, we don't mind Barcelona's latest release. It takes all the things we love about Croatia's home kit, adds in some Catalan flair at the collar, but just lacks a little extra something.


13. Club Brugge

One word: Smart.


12. Liverpool

Liverpool fans have been absolutely spoilt with the quality of their kits in recent years and while we're most definitely admirers of their latest effort, there's just 11 we like more.


11. Benfica

This sumptuously rides the line between modern and vintage. That, and the fact Benfica's badge, colour scheme and logo was an aesthetic match made in heaven.


10. Tottenham

The absolute definition of 'less is more.' Nike are the masters of keeping their Spurs designs beautifully simple and this will look spot on with a Champions League badge on the sleeve.


9. Atalanta

Vintage Serie A is just oozing from every fibre of this kit. Atalanta have reiterated that classic collars marry perfectly to thinner stripes and we absolutely love the central sponsor and badge.


8. Red Star Belgrade

A red and white feast on the eyes. It's just slightly too drained out - and Gazprom doesn't match the colour-scheme - to elevate it to elite level this season.


7. Real Madrid

White and gold absolutely everywhere. Nothing more was needed and we simply love it.


6. Paris Saint-Germain

The PSG home jersey was long overdue a shakeup and Nike have done fantastically here, utilising a smart white and red stripe that is only derailed by a wordy sponsor.


5. Ajax

It won't win awards for originality, but Adidas have done Ajax proud with another smart jersey, perfectly weighting the central red block and adding some lovely stripes down the sides.


4. Valencia

Simple, pure and classic Valencia. Puma didn't need to do anymore to make this look beautiful and we're glad they didn't.


3. Atletico Madrid

You'd be forgiven for thinking we have a fetish for red and white kits at this point, but can you blame us when Atletico are releasing this beauty? It's a masterclass in marrying a sponsor to your design.


2. Slavia Prague

Puma could have just whispered in our ear that the badge was a massive red star and there was no sponsor, and we would have been sold. Can somebody tell us where to buy this?


1. Inter Milan

All three of Inter Milan's kits have been absolute worldies this season and their home jersey trumps anything else in the Champions League. The texture around the sponsor is an inspired design choice.

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