Erick Rowan attacks Roman Reigns and turns on Daniel Bryan during SmackDown Live

Erick Rowan hits Daniel Bryan with the Iron Claw Slam

The torment of Roman Reigns has been at the top of WWE programming for over a month now, and the pay-off to the angle has finally been completed.

After much holding off on who the real culprit was, Rowan was revealed to be the man behind the attacks, despite a Rowan lookalike being blamed the week before.

But it was finally revealed that 'Big Red' himself was involved, with Daniel Bryan absolving himself of any of the blame.

Not only has Rowan got his first name back from WWE in recent weeks, but he could be in-line for a big push - at least that's the impression that was given from the closing moments of last night's SmackDown Live.

As Bryan demanded an apology in the ring from Reigns, the Big Dog was jumped on his way down the stage by Rowan, who threw Reigns into the ring post and the steel stairs, then rolled him into the ring as he bragged about his part in the attacks.

But the more interesting part came where Rowan told Bryan that he was 'no-one's puppet' and told his partner to come and slap him in the face again - just like he did last week backstage when he was outed at the mystery attacker.

Bryan refused to do so at first, but when Rowan continued the assault of Reigns, Bryan opted to land one right on the cheek of the red-headed behemoth.

That angered Rowan, who officially turned his back on Bryan with an Iron Claw Slam to him through the announcers table - meaning Erick is seemingly going solo.

Erick Rowan hits the Iron Claw Slam on Daniel Bryan

This doesn't mean Bryan is turning back into a babyface by any stretch of the imagination after what transpired, but fans still think there's more to the story than Rowan just admitting he was to blame for it all.

He will face Reigns at Clash Of Champions in less than two weeks time, but is there another twist in this story to come? We will have to stay tuned to find out...

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