Footage shows exactly what Khabib says when talking to his opponents mid-fight

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

Over the years, sportsmen have found various ways to sneak into the heads of their opponents to give them a psychological advantage.

The UFC, it would seem, is no different, and if there was ever a sport you’d want a fair advantage over your opponent, it would probably be this one.

Well, that is exactly what Khabib Nurmagomedov has been captured doing in his various victories over his impressive fighting career.

A YouTube video released by BT Sport has been able to record and capture all the best bits of chat the Russian opts to impose on his opponents.

First, the video shows Khabib’s fight with Michael Johnson. Whilst smothering him on the floor, throwing countless punches, the undefeated fighter constantly tells Johnson to give up.

“Give up, Michael. Give up, Mike,” repeats the man who holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA.

“You have to give up, Mike. I need [my] title shot. You know this, I deserve it. I tell everybody, I deserve this. Hey, I need my title.”

Remembering, of course, that Khabib is saying all of this whilst slamming his opponents with relentless punches and heavy elbows. The quite calm words combined with the brutal fighting only makes Khabib look colder and more fearful.

He doesn’t just leave the talking to his opponents too. Whilst preparing for the McGregor fight, Khabib begins to talk to UFC president Dana White who was sat at ring side.

He said: “Hey, hey! I’m going to smash your boy. Yes, of course. I know who I am.”

Then, in the fight with the Irish superstar, Khabib gets back to his old, intimidating ways.

Throughout the fight, with Notorious on the ground, he said: “What’s happened? Let’s talk now. Let’s talk. Let’s talk now,” with the brutal irony being that McGregor was unable to talk because he was attempting to avoid the constant punches being thrown by the Russian. 

Late in the fight, hearing the sound of the klaxon signalling the end of the round, McGregor responded and said: “It is just business.”

To which Khabib repeated, “Let’s talk,” whilst being pulled back by his team.


It was a fight that Khabib went on to win inside four rounds via submission, as he defended the UFC Lightweight Championship.

In just three days, Khabib is back in action against Dustin Poirier in UFC 242. So, keep your ears pealed for more in-fight chats.

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