Sheamus: I am waiting for a call from WWE for my return to the ring


One of WWE's biggest stars of the last 10 years has been out of action for five months now, and no-one seems to know when he is returning.

And from his latest comments, Sheamus doesn't really know what the score is either.

Last seen on the SmackDown after WrestleMania in April, The Celtic Warrior suffered a concussion in a tag team match, and has been out of the ring ever since.

Coupled with the fact he's been suffering from a neck injury for a while, Sheamus looks like he's been given some time off from competing, but as reported last month, his future is uncertain.

With the help of his fitness workouts on his YouTube channel though, Sheamus is looking more jacked than ever, but that doesn't compensate for an unhealthy neck unfortunately.

It has however given him a new lease of life and if cleared, he thinks his higher fitness levels will bring better rewards in the ring.

"If they ever let me back in there, I think it's definitely going to help," Sheamus told Edge and Christian on their podcast, per WrestlingInc.

With the help of his YouTube channel, Sheamus has reached the peak physique of his career

"The funny thing is, when I was with Cesaro, which was one of the funnest times of my career, tagging with Cesaro and with The Bar, it's funny in tag team wrestling, you go in there 100 miles an hour, 'alright, fella, you get in there! I need to get a breath!' and he'll tag himself in.

"And, of course, Tony would never run out of breath, it would just be me, so I would have to tag myself back in. But yeah, it'd be interesting to see. I'd love to find out how much better my wind is ring-wise."

A return to the ring though is something Sheamus is unable to predict at the moment - he's simply waiting for WWE to clear him and give him the call.

"I don't really know what the crack is. I'm still waiting. I'm just, again, enjoying my time. Like, it's very hard for me to sit at home all the time," the Irishman admitted.

But I don't really know what the story is as of right now. I'm still kind of in the dark about it, but I'm just training away like I'm trying to stay in the best shape I possibly can.

Let's hope the Grand Slam Champion can return a healthy individual, and if for whatever reason he can't, then there will surely be a job for life for him in WWE.

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