Sebastian Vettel wants Formula One to return to 16-race season


Formula One is a sport like no other.

Constantly evolving and adapting to the times, and with the recent announcement of extending the Formula 1 calendar to 22 races, it seems to be growing in global popularity than ever before. 

As of next season, Vietnam and the Netherlands have joined the illustrious list where some of the world's fastest cars and drivers battle it out on the track. 

However, not everybody is convinced, in particular Ferrari's leading driver Sebastian Vettel. 

“I think as drivers, we are at the lucky end,” the German racer said

“It’s more races, yes, but for the teams, it’s quite a big stress, for the mechanics.

“It’s a big circus, lots of things need to be put up in advance, and for all of the guys it will be even tougher than it is already.

“But I’m not running the sport and I guess they make money when there are more races, that’s what’s behind it.

Personally, I would like to go back to 16-races. It’s how I grew up and it’s a good number. Maybe the drivers have the flexibility and freedom to do something else.


The last time F1 consisted of a 16-race calendar was during the 2003 season, which certainly indicates how Formula 1 are looking to progress the sport and create a level of exposure in all corners of the world. 

Vettel, on the other hand, has had a fairly wayward season and his comments may demonstrate his loss of passion for the sport.

Approaching 33-years-old, Vettel has yet to record a race victory this season, despite his younger teammate Charles Leclerc recording his first ever race win in Belgium last weekend. 

Regarding current F1 standings, Lewis Hamilton leads the race in the drivers' standing with his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, who recently agreed a new contract, occupying second. Max Verstappen provides the closest competition in third, however, four-time world champion Vettel seems somewhat off the pace in fourth. 

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