Edge thinks WWE need to move Cesaro and Apollo Crews to NXT where they can shine

Apollo Crews and Cesaro

In four weeks time, the Wednesday Night Wars will begin as All Elite Wrestling debuts on TNT.

Once the home of WCW when they were battling with WWE on Monday nights, TNT will host a two-hour weekly AEW show and the likes of Boston and Philadelphia will host the opening broadcasts.

But Vince McMahon had an ace up his sleeve, and he's decided to move NXT, once simply a developmental brand, to the USA Network in the same time-slot as AEW's show.

That means NXT is going live for the first time and it's also being doubled in length to two hours, which means we've got a very tasty war coming - despite various figures in both promotions saying that there is no war.

When discussing the upcoming battle between the two promotions, WWE Hall of Famer Edge has outlined two particular superstars who could do with a move to NXT to make themselves more prominent than they have been in recent times.

Edge thinks the NXT roster could be beefed up by two main roster stars moving brands

“What will be interesting is a lot of those talents [currently in NXT] are used to taped shows. Live is way different. And they go from an hour to two hours," said the Rated-R Superstar, per talkSPORT.

My hope is that if there’s talent that’s spinning their wheels and can do so much more like an Apollo Crews, like a Cesaro, so many people, let them go to NXT, man. Let them shine there.

"That to me is how you can fill up those two hours. That to me is how you can use those guys to teach the younger folks, ‘okay, this is live TV - this is how this works.’ And I think that that’s the key."

Apollo Crews would be suited with a return to NXT, says Edge

Crews has had a few filler title feuds on the main roster but his stint since coming up from NXT in 2016 has been largely uneventful, and a return to NXT could give him an extra spark.

As for Cesaro, he should have been a world champion in years gone by, but Vince McMahon never thought he connected with the crowd - something the Swiss Cyborg has gone on to prove him wrong about.

Cesaro is one of the two main roster stars who Edge would send to NXT

Cesaro's been on a bit of a losing streak on the main roster recently, but showing up at NXT UK TakeOver on Saturday showed how good he really is in the ring, and if he's at the top of the card in NXT, it brings some much-needed name value and a world class talent into the equation.

We will have to see what moves are made as NXT prepares to go live, but we must trust in Triple H as he's done a good job as possible up to now to make the brand what it is today.

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