The Costa Rica manager has quit his job because it was ‘so boring’

Gustavo Matosas found national management far too dull.

Sometimes you find that a job just isn't for you, even if looked like it would be perfect.

Perhaps you've trained for years and years, honing your craft in the hope of reaching the top of your field.

Or maybe it's just your dream job, something you've waited your whole life for.

And then, despite everything, you find it's not all it's cracked up to be because it's far more boring than you could have anticipated.

Well, that's the situation that Gustavo Matosas found himself in when he took over as Costa Rica boss.

Matosas has had a decent career as a manager already, winning trophies in Uruguay and Mexico, including the CONCACAF Champions League.

It secured the Uruguayan a job with Costa Rica in October 2018 that included playing the inaugural CONCACAF Nations League - a real chance at a trophy.

And yet, less than a year later, Matosas has quit his job and cited boredom as the reason.

"It's tough not having players in the day-to-day to train them," he said, per ESPN. "I only have the players for a week every two months and it's killing me. I didn't know it was so hard. I thought I would be able to somehow endure it.

Matosas joined Costa Rica late last year.

"I didn't know being a national team manager was so boring. I don't regret it and I don't leave frustrated because I gave my best.

"I won't manage a national team again. I can't only have the players every two months. It's not for me."

Fair enough, really. You'd imagine he's leaving a fair chunk of change behind by resigning but if it's not for him, it's not for him.

Sometimes, a job is just too boring - even if it is at the top of your field.

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