Liverpool fan insists he's 'Scouse and not English'

Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

When Liverpool booed the national anthem before their Community Shield clash against Manchester City, it got football fans talking.

Considering they're English, why did they do it?

For political and historical reasons, many Liverpool fans consider themselves ‘Scouse, not English.’

It’s something that, if you’re not from Liverpool, you probably wouldn’t really understand.

However, one supporter, John, phoned up talkSPORT today to explain the ‘Scouse, not English’ mindset that he and fellow Liverpool fans have.

“I just want to say why Liverpool supporters don’t support England,” he began.

“It goes back hundreds of years when a lot of people in Liverpool came from an immigrant background, predominantly Irish so they were more Celtic than English. And that’s why they say Liverpool is the capital of Ireland.

“That’s why people in Liverpool tag themselves as Scouse and not English. We don’t look at ourselves being English.

“I don’t live in England. I live in Liverpool. And I’m a scouser.

If we were big enough, we'd be independent. We’d have our own republic of Liverpool.

And when asked who he supports in the World Cup, John insisted that he doesn’t follow international football - and certainly not England.


"What you see in England games, you see small-town England - little towns, little places, little villages. You don't see big cities. I don't cheer England on, I don't follow international football. It's crap," he added.

It's a view that many Liverpool fans actually have and John certainly isn't on his own.

In Spain, Catalonia is in Spain but very much considers itself as its own republic. Could Liverpool go the same way?

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