Florida man tells his side of the story of how he found Chris Jericho's AEW title


The biggest story coming out of AEW's All Out weekend was Chris Jericho's AEW World title being stolen/misplaced. Luckily for him, it was found and the man who found it has explained how he found the title.

Jericho defeated Hangman Adam Page for the AEW World Championship at All Out on Saturday night, but the title was lost or stolen from him within 48 hours of the event.

A report filed by the Tallahassee Police Department in Florida on Sunday stated that a championship belt in the possession of Y2J had gone missing from a privately-rented limousine as he dined in a steakhouse.

Tallahassee Police later reported that the title had been found on the side of a road by a Florida man, who has now been identified thanks to Jeff Burlew of the Tallahassee Democrat.

Frank Price told the newspaper he found the title, valued at $30,000, lying in the middle of a Florida highway on Sunday night.

He said: "As they pulled into town on Highway 20, Price spotted what appeared to be a velvet bag in the middle of a turn lane near Capital Circle Southwest.

Price didn't look inside the bag until he got home, but when he did, he couldn’t believe what was inside.

“I think I said something like, ‘Whoa, it’s a huge wrestling belt, check this thing out!’ I never would have guessed that if I had a lifetime of guesses,” he said.

After a Google search of the item, Price and his wife discovered it matched the championship belt for AEW. Unsurprisingly, he decided to take a picture with the title around his waist.


Price did initially post the title on Craigslist before removing the listing once they discovered the real title was missing. With knockoffs for sale on eBay, they never thought they had the real one in their possession.

He said: “At that time there was nothing in the news about anything being lost or stolen. So we thought it was just a replica or a costume or something like that.”

Price was awarded $200 from the limo company for finding AEW’s title, but he was also questioned by police investigators regarding where he had been on the night the title went missing.


Price has doubts about the title being stolen. He has his own theory about how AEW's top prize went missing.

He said: “I think what happened is they just set it on the trunk of the limo and it just fell off. The only other possibility is that it was part of a pro-wrestling plot setup. They need all the publicity they can get.”

We'll just have to wait and see how AEW incorporates this into their storyline for the upcoming Jericho vs Cody match for the AEW World title at Full Gear in November.

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