Kevin Owens explains why he started to use the Stunner as his WWE finisher


Over the past few months, Kevin Owens has been using the Stunner as his finisher inside a WWE ring instead of the Pop-Up Powerbomb he had been using for years prior.

It was a move that surprised many WWE fans as it's the iconic finisher of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He did, however, receive permission by the WWE Hall of Famer to use the move in the ring.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, The Prizefighter explained why he decided to switch his finisher from the Pop-Up Powerbomb to the Stunner.

Owens stated that since there were a lot of superstars using the powerbomb in WWE, he wanted to try something else.

The Stunner was a perfect move for him since no one else was using it. He just had to get Stone Cold's permission first.

He said: “I felt like everybody was doing powerbombs left and right, and I wanted to try something else. And one day it occurred to me that no one does the stunner as a finishing move, but to me, it’s always been the best move.

"So I just went to Steve one day when he was here and I asked him, and he said, ‘I can’t believe nobody’s asked me this before, but of course you can use it. Do whatever you want with it.’

"I did that out of respect for the people who’ve come before me. I would never want to do that without his approval.

"He gave me the approval and it’s working for me, so I have no intention of stopping and no intention of renaming it, either. It’s the stunner and it always will be the stunner.”


Owens also stated that he has no plans to change the name of the Stunner to fit his character, which is good to hear.

It's also sweeter knowing the superstar he's hit the Stunner on the most since he started using it is Vince McMahon's son, Shane McMahon.

The Prizefighter is still involved in a feud with Shane-O-Mac, as well as Elias following their King of the Ring match. It's currently unclear if WWE has any plans for him at Clash of Champions.

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