Formula 3 driver Alex Peroni has walked away from an absolutely terrifying crash at Monza


There is a very good reason Formula 1 drivers are some of the highest paid athletes on the planet.

Not only are they immensely skilled individuals, but each and every time they step into their remarkable machines they are putting their lives at risks.

With accelerators like hyperspace buttons, it is a very real possibility that every race could be their last.

In fact, the sport was greeted with the tragic news of the death of Formula 2 driver Antoine Hubert, who was killed in an accident at Spa in Belgium only last week.

It was a frightening reminder of the danger that stalks the sport at every turn.

Only a week after Hubert’s sad passing, we have been given another reminder of just how close to the edge these men and women live.

Formula 3 driver Alex Peroni can consider himself very lucky today having walked away from one of the most terrifying accidents you could ever see.

Having run wide on the famous Parabolica corner at Monza in Italy, he struck a sausage curb which launched him into the air like a fighter jet taking off.


You can see the horrifying moment below.


Time stood still as Peroni flew weightlessly through the air, flipping three times before thundering into the perimeter fence.

He missed some onlooking marshals by only a few feet too.

Thankfully, Peroni was able to walk away from the accident but was clearly very shaken up by what had happened.


After the events of the last few weeks it is no surprise that safety in the sport is coming under heavy scrutiny.

However, everyone knows the risk you take when you get behind the wheel of a high speed racer.

The danger factor is inescapable.

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