Tommaso Ciampa hits out at Matt Riddle after he calls out fellow NXT superstars

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle is dangerously close to becoming more-and-more known for winding people up than for his talents inside a wrestling ring.

The 'King of Bros' has been in WWE for a year now and he's quickly risen to become one of the top stars in NXT, such is his charisma and technical ability.

But his outspokenness in interviews and on social media has threatened to get the better of him in recent times.

Most notably Riddle criticised Goldberg after his Super Showdown match with The Undertaker, and the two met face-to-face backstage at SummerSlam where he had a 'chat' with the WWE Hall of Famer.

The ruler of the NXT kingdom Triple H was asked about Riddle's online escapades during a media scrum at NXT TakeOver: Toronto II last month and The Game stated that Riddle is a 'big boy' and he can handle himself.

That didn't seem to suggest there was any backstage heat surrounding his name, but an interaction on Twitter yesterday puts things in an entirely different light.

Matt Riddle seems to be running NXT superstars up the wrong way

Riddle took to social media yesterday and complained that his fellow NXT superstars would not give him a ride to the Performance Center, calling them 'trash', 'hags' and 'garbage'.

This was met with a firm response from former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, who we can assume is a locker room leader having been with the brand for so long.

Ciampa responded by saying that 'the boys shall police themselves', which was followed by a simple but brutal 'Go f**k yourself'.

And Ciampa was backed up by one half of The Revival - Dash Wilder - saying that he supports Ciampa in his motion.

Tommaso Ciampa has had some unkind words for Matt Riddle

It looks very legitimate and the closest sign yet we've got to people in NXT disliking Riddle, unless they're working the fans into a shoot.

Let's hope comments like these don't ruin Riddle's standing in NXT as they move to a big network and extend to a two-hour live format - he could have a big part to play but might not last long if he rubs people up the wrong way.

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