Albania refuse to kick off v France because wrong national anthem is played

Albania were waiting for their anthem when Andorra's was played.

There were some truly farcical scenes at the Stade de France on Saturday evening as France hosted Albania.

The two teams lined up, as they do, to sing the national anthems ahead of kick-off.

So far, so good.

But a problem arose as the Albanian players prepared to sing their anthem - the music played wasn't theirs.

Instead, it was the national anthem of Andorra, creating complete confusion among the Albanian contingent.

Understandably, they refused to start the game until their actual anthem was played, prompting an apology from the stadium announcer.

To Armenia.

Yes, the announcer managed to apologise to the wrong country, somehow introducing a third different nation into the mix.

Well, they do all start with 'A'.

You can check out what happened below:

Just completely ridiculous. How can an organisation as big and powerful as UEFA get something that wrong?

You can find the right anthem quite easily on YouTube!

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time this has happened.

There was the time last year that the North Korean anthem was played before South Korea Under 19s played Jordan.

And then in 2016 Uruguay stood for their anthem at the Copa America, only for Chile's to be played.

Kinglsey Coman gave France the lead in the game.

The ultimate, however, happened outside of football in 2012.

Kazakhstan's shooting team stood for a gold medal in Kuwait when the parody anthem from Borat was played instead of their own.

That, really, is about as bad as it can get - at least Albania didn't listen to an anthem that was literally mocking them.

Still, it was a farcical day for UEFA and one they'll have to do their best to correct.

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