In 2014 Linkin Park's 'Numb' was played instead of the Malta national anthem ahead of Slovakia clash


There were farcical scenes in Paris last night when Albania refused to kick off after the wrong national anthem was played before their clash with France.

The Albania players were left looking rather confused ahead of the Euro 2020 qualifying tie when the Andorran national anthem thundered out of the PA system at the Stade de France.

Then, to make an already embarrassing situation even worse, the stadium announcer apologised to Armenia.

Yes, that’s right - the announcer apologised to completely the wrong country.

Not the kind of treatment you’d expect at the home of the world champions.

However, last night’s incident isn’t the first time the playing of a national anthem has gone horribly wrong in a European clash.

Back in 2014, as Malta lined up to face Slovakia, they readied themselves to proudly belt out their anthem.

Seconds later though, they were listening to the opening bars of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’.

No, we are not joking.

Incredible - perhaps the man in charge had forgotten his iPod was on shuffle.

While it may have only played for a second, it was unmistakably the intro to one of the bands most iconic songs.

Fortunately, the players saw the funny side of it and were seen laughing at the hilarious gaffe.

The poor chap in charge of the PA system must have felt pretty numb himself when it first started but we can only commend him for his rapid reactions.

The song was barely allowed to get going before he shot to the rescue to cut it short.

Maybe this comical reminder will help soften the blow for whoever was in charge in Paris last night.

Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.

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