Lionel Messi fan says football will never see a more selfish player than Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Superstar. Phenomenon. Selfish?

It’s a criticism that has regularly been thrown Ronaldo’s way throughout his career.

The Portuguese forward has taken his desire to score to extreme levels at times.

Who can forget in 2012 when he robbed Real Madrid teammate Gonzalo Higuain of his hat-trick when he attempted to take the ball from Higuain’s boot?

Ronaldo’s supporters, of course, will argue that a bit of selfishness is required to reach such an extraordinary level.

And, let’s be honest, neither Manchester United, Real Madrid nor Juventus would ever have any complaints about Ronaldo. He scores too many goals for that.

But it’s paved the way for Ronaldo’s critics to knock him and a Lionel Messi fan has done just that.

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Ronaldo: Football's most selfish player?

@MessiShots declared on Twitter: “Football will never see a more selfish player than Cristiano Ronaldo”, also sharing a video of the 34-year-old’s perceived selfish moments on the pitch.

It includes the Higuain incident, Ronaldo complaining after Gareth Bale scored from a rebound from his effort against Levante in 2015, a disagreement with Xabi Alonso over a penalty against Villarreal in 2010 - and his refusal to celebrate after Alonso eventually converted it - and more.

It’s not uncommon for Messi and Ronaldo fans to go at it on Twitter.

But there is genuine fuel to the argument that Ronaldo is selfish.


Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic used it to describe the Portugal international after he missed UEFA’s awards ceremony in 2018, where Luka Modric was named Player of the Year.

“It only proves what I keep saying: Ronaldo is selfish and I'd never want him in my team," Dalic told Sportske Novosti, per ESPN.

He is the kind of player that thinks 'no matter if we lose, the only thing that matters is that I score a goal!’

Yet that attitude has helped Ronaldo score 689 goals in his career.

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