PlayStation have angered gamers by claiming the 'X' button is really called 'cross'

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It seems as though PlayStation have ruined a few childhoods this week.

No doubt, many of you will have played on the popular console throughout your formative years and perhaps into adulthood, binging popular video games series like FIFA or Call Of Duty.

As a result, you'll be pretty familiar with the controller design that has remained largely unchanged since its initial release back in 1994.

You have yourself two sticks at the front, directional buttons on the left, extra buttons and a trigger on each side at the back as well as the PlayStation, start and options buttons.

Then, of course, there are the most important buttons of all on the right: triangle, circle, square and cross. 

PlayStation controller controversy

Wait, cross? That's right, most of you have actually been calling the bottom button incorrect for all these years, instead pronouncing it like the letter 'X'.

And we're not just saying this for no reason because PlayStation actually confirmed this on their Twitter, replying to a gamer who made the claim: 'Anyone who says cross is a cop.'

The point that PlayStation were making is that the four buttons are in fact shapes and therefore, they wondered why people don't call the circle button 'O' as a result.


Named 'cross' or 'X'?

Shortly after, they decided to put the matter to a poll and a massive 81% of 169,000 voters decreed that PlayStation were actually wrong.

Even the jokey answer of '+ rotated 45 degrees' scored more votes than 'cross.'

The gaming giants couldn't have expected the backlash their tweet would receive and you'd be surprised how personally a lot of people have taken things. 

One Twitter user even brought geometry into it by saying that crosses have the same distance between each stick, enabling you to form a square around them.

An exe, on the other hand, has different distances - like the PlayStation controller - in order to form a rectangle in what the gamer calls 'basic geometry.' 

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But no matter what the mathematics say about the debate, we're pretty sure that PlayStation have the authority on what the buttons on their own controllers are called.

That being said, swat teams and bailiffs won't arrive at your house if you continue to defy the authorities and pronounce it like the letter. 

Come on though PlayStation, we all know that it's really 'X'...

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