Women's Sports fans beware: The Euro 2020 pregnancy post doing the rounds on social media

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Football fans are encouraging fellow fans to get their wives and girlfriends pregnant in the next two weeks to secure their maternity/ paternity time off next summer.

Reading social media over the weekend had our team in fits of laughter as football fans encouraged unprotected sex to get pregnant ahead of the Euro2020. Are you serious? 

I mean, we all love football but to create a whole human to get time off work is crazy. Some say that this story reminds us of the spike in births in Iceland after the nation upset England in Euro 2016.

A record-breaking number of births were reported nine months to the day after Iceland's 2-1 win against Roy Hodgson's team. This story goes beyond Iceland's growth in childbirth. German politicians also tried to improve the nation's flagging birthrate after the successful staging of the 2006  World Cup.

Nine months after the World Cup, a survey by Die Zeit showed that birthrate was up by almost 30%. The development was welcomed in a country with one of Europe's lowest birthrates at around 1.4 children per woman.

A child is obviously excellent news if it is what both people in the relationship want, but has anyone stopped and asked the wives and girlfriends if it is what they want?

We love the fact that football fans are taking their family planning seriously, but what happens to the child after the Euro 2020?

Can you take it to Sainsbury's or Tesco for a refund? Don't think so.

So, as fans of football, let's think of a better way of getting time off during Euro 2020, maybe save your holiday allowance for it or maybe have a conversation with your girlfriend or wife before deciding to get pregnant for football. 

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