Everton are named the Premier League's dirtiest team in all-time fair play table

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(FILES) Manchester United's Roy Keane (L

Some older Premier League fans will likely miss some characteristic of the 1990s era.

While nobody wants broken legs, dodgy refereeing decisions and all-out brawls, many supporters will tell you how the game has gone soft and that things were better in the good old days.

And that epoch is actually more recent than you might think. For example, just imagine how Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira would have fared in the world of 2019 and VAR?

Yet, both players retired within the last 15 years and that goes to show that, for better or for worse, the world of English football has calmed down in that time.

But that doesn't mean there aren't players like James Milner and Fernandinho who get stuck in and, in turn, there are still plenty of yellow and red cards flying about.

Fair play in the Premier League

The Premier League remains determined to reward good behaviour, though, and takes real pride in the existence of their fair play table.

In the spirit of golf, the aim of the game is to amass the smallest total possible, with yellow and red cards being given points that push you towards the status of the realm's dirtiest team.

For the record, Liverpool are currently the best behaved team this season with just two cautions, while their neighbours Everton are the naughtiest with 10 yellows and a dismissal.

Cardiff City v Liverpool FC - Premier League

All-time Premier League fair play table

Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are also north of the midline when it comes to getting on the referee's bad side with a combined total of 26 cards.

However, that's all well and good, but what about the entire Premier League era as a whole? While we might be unable to complete 27 years worth of maths, the team at Transfermarkt can.

Collecting data for every single yellow and red card, they have calculated the all-time Premier League fair play table and Everton are officially the dirtiest club in the competition's history.

Check out the full table down below to name and shame football's worst behaved clubs:


Everton have been awarded a whopping 1,520 yellow cards and received 94 dismissals, 49 of which were straight red cards, since the league's inauguration in 1992.

However, the Toffees could be dethroned very soon with Chelsea and Arsenal just 10 and 20 points behind respectively, which is pretty astonishing considering the large timeframe.

West Ham United must also be considered one of the dirtiest teams as, despite being relegated from the Premier League more than once, they're still right in contention in fifth place. 


Relatively speaking, Liverpool are very well behaved in ninth place, while Swindon Town can be found at the very bottom of the table but only competed in one Premier League season.

For the moment, though, the biggest two-footed challenges and moments of madness can be found at Goodison Park.

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