NBA star Enes Kanter wins and loses 24/7 Championship before WWE Raw


The WWE 24/7 Championship changed hands twice before Monday Night Raw got underway this week, with NBA star Enes Kanter winning and losing the title.

Kanter appeared in a segment alongside 24/7 Champion R-Truth during the taping of Main Event prior to Raw taking place.

The former New York Knicks star received a mixed response after making his entrance at Madison Square Garden wearing a jacket and trousers in a similar colour blue of the Knicks.

Truth followed shortly after and urged all the fans to show their appreciation for the now Boston Celtics star and remember the good times Kanter produced inside the arena.

However, before Truth could finish speaking, Kanter tripped him up in the middle of the ring and pinned him to win the 24/7 title.

He then unzipped his jacket to reveal his Celtics jersey, which received a chorus of boos from the fans.

Kanter's 24/7 title reign didn't last long though, as Truth quickly got back onto his feet, rolled up the NBA star from behind and regained the title, entering his 15th 24/7 title reign in the process.

It's currently unknown exactly when or if WWE will broadcast this segment on their Main Event show, but the company has already posted the segment as an exclusive on their social media channels, so Kanter's 24/7 title reign counts!

Kanter is a well-known WWE fan and has also previously been in a relationship with WWE superstar Dana Brooke. This might not be the last time we see him in a wrestling ring, but he's currently still signed with the Celtics in the NBA.


As for Truth, he continues on as 24/7 Champion, and he is now only one title reign away from tying Ric Flair's and John Cena's 16-time world champion reigns.

Granted, the 24/7 title is not a world title, but you know Truth is going to mention how he's tied Flair's and Cena's reign once he wins the 24/7 title for the 16th time.

Perhaps Cena will be the one that brings Truth's time as 24/7 Champion to an end next, but that may be wishful thinking.

Truth currently isn't booked for a match at Clash of Champions this weekend. However, given that he's 24/7 Champion, he'll likely be involved in the show in one way or another.

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