Dallas Cowboys launch revolutionary 'Pose with the Pros' feature at AT&T Stadium

Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium is the place to be.

The $1.3 billion stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 100,000, genuinely looks like the future.

And inside are features for fans that can’t be found anywhere else.

AT&T recently launched ‘5G experiences’ for fans, helping to reinvent the live sports experience.

There are ‘Hype Up Chants’, where fans can see 36-foot tall versions of Cowboys players Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, among others, through the camera of a provided Samsung phone.

Fans can also record their own touchdown dance over a 3D video that looks like players are dancing right next to them.

You can also play a virtual game that involves dodging defensive robots and trying to reach the end zone.

But our favourite feature is ‘Pose with the Pros’.

Machines positioned in the east platform of the stadium allow fans to choose five players to take a photo with.

The selected players then appear on the screen and pose with you and your family and friends for a photo.

How cool is that?!

“These new fan experiences and the opportunities for the Dallas Cowboys organisation are exactly why we’re excited to bring 5G to one of the largest, most technologically advanced entertainment venues in the world,” said Mo Katibeh, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Business.

“We’re combining the physical and digital worlds to create a world-class experience for fans, and sports provide a perfect example of how our business-first 5G strategy will bring value to consumers.

“We’re paving the way for how immersive fan experiences could be built in venues across the country as our 5G network continues to grow.”

AT&T and the Cowboys are making the gameday experience something completely special.

There’s now more to it than just turning up to watch the game. There’s the opportunity to take part in some cool experiences with friends and family.

Every other major sports team will be taking note.

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