Kevin Owens is 'fired' by Shane McMahon after refereeing his loss on SmackDown

Shane McMahon fires Kevin Owens

In what seems like the longest-running rivalry in WWE history, the feud between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon continues to rumble on.

We were spared any on-screen appearance from Shane-o-Mac last week on SmackDown, but it was back to normality as Madison Square Garden hosted WWE for the second night running.

It came off the back of some unfortunate news though that broke just hours before the show went on the air though, as it turned out that Elias had suffered a legitimate injury.

That curtailed his plans to take part in his King of the Ring semi-final match with Chad Gable, with the winner going on to face Baron Corbin at Clash Of Champions.

WWE fans already knew there was only going to be one outcome, and their worst fears were confirmed when McMahon put himself in the place of The Drifter.

There was an added extra twist though as Shane placed Owens as the special guest referee, with his past $100,000 fine scratched if he called the match down the middle - unlike Shane when he counted the pin quickly for Elias to defeat KO in round one.

Surprisingly, Gable hit his rolling German Suplex extremely quickly on McMahon for the pinfall, but the match was quickly changed to a two-out-of-three falls bout by the crafty Shane.

There was no need to panic for Gable though, as he ended up getting the clean sweep in falls after locking in the Ankle Lock on Shane in the middle of the ring, forcing him to submit.

That wasn't the end of the drama though, as Owens was attacked from behind by Shane after the match - and was promptly FIRED by the man in charge.

Kevin Owens couldn't referee Shane McMahon into the King of the Ring finals

Don't panic, WWE fans - it doesn't look like Owens is actually going anywhere.

KO cryptically tweeted '14-24-20' a few hours ago, and a fan cleverly deciphered that the numbers may stand for the letters of the alphabet NXT.

But it seems as though we may be heading towards another match between Owens and McMahon, and with October's pay-per-view being Hell In A Cell, we could see the two men scrap it out inside the structure for the second time in just three years.

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