Gamer appears to discover Mohamed Salah diving glitch in the FIFA 20 demo


Mohamed Salah has built up something of a reputation for diving in the Premier League.

Whether or not you believe the Liverpool man is actually cheating referees is another question, but there can be no denying that plenty of supporters think he's up to something.

He seems to have escaped scrutiny so far this season and for the moment, he can be thankful that Harry Kane is catching far more flack for his antics in the North London Derby.

However, that doesn't mean that Salah's supposed simulations have left the Premier League zeitgeist, especially when they were so pivotal in last season's title race.

Salah came under fire for winning penalties against Newcastle United and Brighton & Hove Albion, both of which he converted, that looked incredibly soft to many.

Salah's 'Diver' trait

And to the surprise of everyone, it seemed as though the team at EA Sports nailed their colours to the mast on the Salah-diving debate.

That's because data on FIFA Index - later corroborated by the Liverpool Echo - indicated that the Egyptian had been given the 'Diver' trait ever since his actions last season.

The controversial game mechanic is described to work in the FIFA series as follows: "Players with this trait are more likely to go down under minimal contact."

Liverpool v Newcastle United - Premier League

Diving glitch in FIFA 20?

So, that's all well and good, but has Salah carried over the trait to FIFA 20? Well, the early evidence from the demo would suggest that's exactly the case. 

A popular post on the FIFA Reddit page showed a video of Salah going to ground under literally no pressure at all nor with any defenders around him.

It was a manoeuvre that would look right at home in Swan Lake and regardless of whether its a glitch or not, suggests Salah could be open to mockery in the game series' latest edition.

Check out the amusing footage down below: 

Somewhere in the world, Tom Daley is giving a slow round of applause.

There are, of course, bound to be teething problems with FIFA 20 at this stage and only time will tell whether this salmon-like jumping is reserved for Salah or not.

But even if EA are trying to push the narrative that some players go down easily, they should tone it down so that players act that way when the opposition is vaguely stood around them. 


Besides, it would be just as frustrating for the attacking gamer if their forward flopped to the floor before a tackle even went in or they reached the penalty area in the first place.

For the time being, though, Premier League fans will hope that Salah leaves his simulations to video games and doesn't spark controversy all over again.

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