Ranking every single Champions League away shirt for the 2019/20 season


With the Champions League less than one week away, we might as well be hyperventilating into a brown paper bag with excitement. 

Europe's finest league competitions are now well underway, but you can't quite beat that spine-tingling anthem and seeing some of the continent's biggest clubs lock horns on a week night. 

Besides, even the first round of fixtures wields blockbuster clashes like Borussia Dortmund vs Barcelona; Liverpool vs Napoli and Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid.

It's going to be incredible but, in the mean time, we've been sure to explore some of the biggest features of the Champions League at GiveMeSport and that includes the team jerseys.

We've already ranked the home strips of all 32 teams in the group stages and we've now taken on the task of listing every away design from the woeful worst to the brilliant best. 

32. Slavia Prague

What on earth happened here then? We're sad to dump this at the bottom of the list after placing Slavia's home kit in second place, but this looks like the livery for the world's worst superhero.


31. Galatasaray

As if inspired by Manchester United's equally terrible away jersey, Galatasaray clearly thought that vomit colour is a good idea for a football shirt and - funnily enough - it seriously isn't. 


30. Napoli

If you're going to choose this ugly texturing and colour scheme, then commit to it 100% and don't produce an absolute mishmash of camouflage, sponsors and every shade of green under the sun.


29. Genk

We said it about their home kit and we'll say it about their away kit: Sunday League.


28. Valencia

After keeping it simple with their smart home jersey, Valencia really pushed the boat out here and the borderline psychedelic chest and shoulder graphics falls flat on its face. Garish.


27. Dinamo Zagreb

There's a certain irony to this kit being captioned 'dare to create' when, actually, a high-vis jersey has been done 100 times now and this happens to be the 100th time it hasn't looked great.


26. Benfica

We're slowly getting into better territory now and this effort from Benfica had potential, but the red colouring is far too dark and the texture is emboldened to the point it looks pretty tacky.


25. Lokomotiv Moscow

Poor Lokomotiv don't have the most aesthetically pleasing colours to work with and some of the design choices here, particularly the protruding sleeves, leave us pretty dissatisfied.


24. Shakhtar Donetsk

Thankfully, the tacky sponsor from the home shirt has been removed and while there's plenty to admire about the texturing and simplicity, the drained-of-life colour really lets it down.


23. Manchester City

There's a bit of an identity crisis with Puma's away strip here and the wide-eyed decision to juggle black, yellow, pink and blue backfired as far as we're concerned.


22. Bayern Munich

I mean, it's fine but there's something about combing white with grey that makes a football shirt look incredibly washed out. 


21. Bayer Leverkusen

There's nothing particularly wrong with this strip, but we feel obliged to send it tumbling down the rankings for, well, just using the exact same design from last year's home jersey.


20. Red Bull Salzburg

We're starting to get into the 'middle of the road' kits and although simpler strips can often be the best, Nike's finished product leaves us shrugging our shoulders more than clapping our hands. 


19. Lille

We're a little unsure about the yellow but we're definitely fans of the black on the sleeves and the colour consistency between the badge and sponsor. It's a darn sight better than their home kit.


18. Tottenham Hotspur

Our decision to reward Spurs' home jersey so highly was widely criticised but, while we certainly rate this away kit too, they should have kept it simple and ditched the disco chest texture.


17. Club Brugge

The almost mirage-like collection of triangles around the shoulder are a significant positive and the burgundy colour is complimented really well by the navy on the collar and sleeves.


16. RB Leipzig

This blue and red combination is easy on the eyes in general, yet makes for a really smart jersey - albeit a little uninventive - when you marry it to Leipzig's badge and succinct sponsoring.


15. Atletico Madrid

Undeniably smart, even if it's a little paint-by numbers. The red used here is far less offensive than the shade found on Benfica's effort and the sponsor blends in with the overall design nicely.


14. Olympiacos

If you wonder why we bang on about sponsors all the time, it's because beautifully smart and well-designed shirts can be sideswiped by cartoonish branding like this. Very frustrating.


13. Liverpool

This New Balance release had the potential to be incredibly bland yet the subtle texturing, using hues from the badge, really brings it alive and we love the splash of red on the sleeves. 


12. Borussia Dortmund

Finally, a lesson in how to do bold textures properly. Dortmund have interwoven their scratchy graphics with dark stripes and grey shoulder for a smart, although not top tier, final product.


11. Lyon

Sue us, we're a sucker for fresh takes on traditional designs and we shamelessly have a soft spot for this marriage of red, white and blue in amongst a really neat template.


10. Juventus

There's something so sharp, clean and satisfying about the Juventus badge and Jeep logo in a crisp red colour and it's enlivened all the more by a textured 'Raw White' background.


9. Zenit St. Petersburg

Disclaimer: Here's where our ideé fixe for these simple Nike designs really takes hold.


8. Atalanta

The absolute definition of 'smart' when it comes to football kits. The white, blue and black colour scheme really works in harmony and we're massive fans of their alternate club badge design.


7. Real Madrid

We don't love this strip as much as some supporters and we slightly prefer their third kit, but we can't deny that this marriage of navy and gold is one of the best designs on the market.


6. Paris Saint-Germain

Bold colours can really work some times and this is the perfect example with PSG choosing a lively orange that sharpens the black lettering and insignia. Just a shame about the wordy sponsor.


5. Red Star Belgrade

We have a feeling this could be a seriously controversial choice, but - and say what you like - we adore the courageous design choice of the red and white zigzag across the chest.


4. Inter Milan

Inter really knocked it out the park with their jerseys for 2019/20 and this the best colour scheme applied to the Nike template that also features for Zenit and PSG.


3. Ajax

A potentially disastrous collision of bright orange, black and dark green is saved by an inspired design from Adidas where the diagonally-intersected stripes look particularly smart.


2. Chelsea

We can forgive people for thinking this Nike release is kind of plain, but the almost shirt-like style and colour-tinted collar defines 'less is more.' A badge, sponsor and design match made in heaven.


1. Barcelona

The modern and the vintage combine in a classy cocktail of Catalan colours. This vibrant Nike design is so perfect for being the Barcelona badge incarnate in a jersey and there's a real symmetry between the tricolour at play.

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