Kevin Owens has teased a return to NXT after being 'fired' from SmackDown Live

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens got more than he bargained for on SmackDown Live last night at the hands of Shane McMahon.

After being 'fined' $100,000 weeks ago for putting his hands on an official [who just so happened to be Elias as a 'special enforcer' at SummerSlam], McMahon put that fine on the line last night.

Owens had to referee a King of the Ring semi-final match between Chad Gable and McMahon, who was replacing Elias after he suffered a legitimate injury.

All he had to do was call Shane's match right down the middle, but a very early quick count saw Gable pick up the win...or so he thought.

McMahon exerted his power to make it a two-out-of-three falls match, and Owens showed reluctance to count a second fall for Gable with the elimination of his fine lingering over his head.

Gable took the matter out of his hands though as he locked an Ankle Lock on McMahon, giving him no option but to tap out and advance to the finals, where he will take on Baron Corbin.

For Owens though he was given two words every superstar dreads from a McMahon - 'you're fired'.

Shane McMahon attacks Kevin Owens on SmackDown

Of course Owens isn't legitimately fired from WWE, but for now his SmackDown career is over.

And KO himself gave the fans a hint as to where he may end up next.

Owens simply tweeted '14-24-20', and if you look at the alphabet in numerical order, that would spell out NXT.

Now maybe KO is just teasing the fans, but with NXT going live next Wednesday and extending in length to two hours, a temporary move back to Full Sail could bring more eyes to the product.

He would be guaranteed an ovation and there would be different options as to who he could cross paths with - Johnny Gargano, Matt Riddle, Adam Cole - the list is endless.

There will be many hoping that he really does show up next Wednesday - keep your eyes peeled for any more teases!

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