On this day 10 years ago, Emmanuel Adebayor produced a legendary celebration vs Arsenal

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

We’ve seen some legendary celebrations throughout the Premier League years.

You think of Alan Shearer’s one arm salute, Robbie Keane’s cartwheel, rolly-polly and machine gun and Daniel Sturridge’s wavy arms.

However, some of the best celebrations are a spur of the moment, not choreographed.

We’re talking about Temur Ketsbaia’s meltdown after his goal for Newcastle, Eric Cantona’s celebration following his wonder goal vs Sunderland or Sergio Aguero going ballistic after his title-winning strike in 2012.

But what is the most legendary celebration in Premier League history?

Well, by our reckoning, it happened 10 years ago today.

Emmanuel Adebayor. Manchester City vs Arsenal. September 12, 2009.

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

Adebayor had left Arsenal for Man City two months previously in a deal worth £25 million.

Unsurprisingly, the striker received plenty of hate during the match with the travelling fans singing about his family.

As a result, when he scored during City’s 4-2 win, he decided to retaliate.

What followed is the best celebration ever seen in the Premier League.

He ran 100 metres and produced a knee slide in front of the away fans, who looked like they wanted to kill the Togolese star.


After the match, Adebayor defended himself by saying: "If you get abuse for over an hour, an hour of personal abuse, you are going to react."

But he got into big trouble.

He was handed a £25,000 fine and a two-match suspended ban.

An FA statement said: “In reaching its decision, the Commission took into account his (Adebayor’s) admission of the charge, public apology and the extremely provocative nature of the abuse he received.

“However, the Commission also stated that players have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a proper manner and that such celebrations are unacceptable and have the potential to cause a serious public order incident.”

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

Adebayor doesn’t regret his celebration, though. Speaking about it recently, he insisted that the racist abuse he received from Arsenal fans sparked his reaction.

“This is the thing and it's why I haven't said anything about racism the past few weeks. When I celebrated, the FA fined me, they punished me. Nothing happened to the Arsenal fans. So it [racism] started with me and long before me,” Adebayor told the Daily Mail.

I remember getting to the stadium and Arsenal fans were there. All I heard was the chant, 'Your mother is a whore and your father washes elephants.'

“My father worked in currency exchange and my mother is a businesswoman. But this went on and on. So how can I reply? I didn't have a voice to go against thousands of supporters.

“I was in my spiritual zone. Kolo Toure said to me: 'I was looking at the pictures and you didn't flinch once.' I didn't feel human anymore. The abuse was too much. I was ready to die. I just looked at them and thought, 'There are things you don't do.''

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