Michael Owen is the gift that just keeps on giving

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It’s fair to say Michael Owen’s new autobiography, Reboot, has caused a stir in the world of football.

Last week before its release, it was serialised and Owen certainly upset a few people.

Newcastle, Alan Shearer and David Beckham were all in the firing line.

It probably did book sales no harm, mind.

However, Owen probably hasn’t emerged from all the drama too positively.

It doesn’t help that the former striker doesn’t have an affinity with any of the clubs he played for during his career - Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester United and Stoke.

But the one-time Ballon d’Or winner doesn’t exactly do himself any favours at times.


And we’ve looked at a few reasons why Owen is surely the strangest person in football.

He’s watched eight films and can’t name a single actor

"It's very boring, but I don't watch films," he once said. "I just can't get into them. I do try – someone will say, 'Watch this film, it's great', and I'll try but after half an hour, 40 minutes I can't take it any longer."

He then listed the eight films he’s been “forced” to watch.

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Once in an interview, he was asked which actor would play him to which he replied: "What, an actor? I don't know any actors."

He doesn’t listen to music

To the question: ‘What do you listen to in the car on the way to matches?’ Owen answered: “I don’t listen to anything. I don’t know why, but the car’s always been my own quiet space. When the kids are in the car they always want a song on, but I’m just happy with my thoughts.”

That’s a bit odd.


He has never drank tea or coffee - and has only just learnt how to make a tea

"I've never drunk a cup of tea in my life or coffee for that matter. But I have just learnt how to make one."


Premier League Asia Trophy

His mum controlled his bank and paid his bills until this year

This admission came today and it’s pretty remarkable.

“As embarrassing as this admission is, I only recently started using my own bank account, at the age of 38,” he told the Athletic “Up until then, my mother paid all the bills and managed everything.


Premier League Asia Trophy

THAT rabbit tweet

No words needed.


His Dubai helicopter advert

And we'll just leave you with this...

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