Michael Jordan pledges $1million to the Hurricane Dorian relief effort in the Bahamas

Michael Jordan has pledged $1million to Hurricane Dorian relief.

Michael Jordan has pledged $1 million to relief efforts after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas.

The category-5 storm hit the islands on September 1st, with winds reaching an incredible 220mph - the most powerful recorded hurricane to hit the Bahamas and the strongest since Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Communities were destroyed - as many as 13,000 homes - causing over $70 billion in property damage and the death toll is now officially over 50.

Although, it's expected to climb higher as the search and rescue operation is underway.

The United Nations reported last Saturday that at least 70,000 people were homeless, while Prime Minister Hubert Minnis says "Our urgent task will be to provide food, water, shelter, safety, and security".

The relief effort needs all the help it can get and basketball legend Jordan has offered what he can in the shape of $1 million.

You can read his statement, released this week, below:

"I am devastated to see the destruction that Hurricane Dorian has brought to the Bahamas, where I own property and visit frequently," he wrote. "My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and to those who have lost loved ones.

Michael Jordan at the 2019 NBA All-Star Game

"As the recovery and relief efforts continue, I will be tracking the situation closely and working to identify non-profit agencies where the funds will have the most impact.

"The Bahamian people are strong and resilient and I hope that my donation will be of help as they work to recover from this catastrophic storm."

It's a wonderful gesture and as we said, the effort to help will take whatever it can from those willing to help.

Regardless, it'll be a very long time before the Bahamas gets back to where it was - if it ever will.

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