Women's Football: From worst to best - Barclays FAWSL kit rankings


With the WSL season up and running, we wanted to debate on the TOP 10 team kits in the WSL. 

After much discussion, these are the top 10 home kits we have agreed on. If you disagree, let us know via our social channels. 

10. Everton

It’s a pretty standard blue Everton shirt. Was anyone expecting anything else? The most they’ve done to at least add some variation is lines across the chest in different shades of blue. 

Everton Women

 9. Birmingham

Perhaps it would’ve ranked higher, but the navy-blue sleeves aren’t my favourite – they look almost out of place on a fit where nothing else is navy blue. I do appreciate the level of detail however, with the collar and sleeve yellows matching the ‘this is betting’ logo. 

Birmingham Women

8. Spurs

It’s simple, but borderline boring – especially when it’s nothing really new. Spurs definitely left their season’s best kit for their third kit, a beautiful rich blue vintage fit. In sticking with the club’s ethos, they’ve added a small ‘to dare is to do’ on the inside of the shirt which is unfortunate considering no one will see it once it’s on.    

Tottenham Women

7. Liverpool

Another somewhat minimalist approach with not too much going on, but there’s beauty in subtly. The downward stripes and the gold of the sponsor and club logo fitting in with the somewhat theme of reminiscing in the history of your club. 


6. Manchester City

City’s sky-blue design differs little from previous seasons but offers a classy and sleek finish, variation coming from the darker blue stripes along the shoulders. The subtle purple colours from the logos sit well against the blue, with the small ‘125 years’ a nod to the club’s history. 

Man City

5. Bristol City

Perhaps an underrated shirt coming into the season, but Bristol’s classic red fit is polished and simplistic. The minimalistic shirt is paired well with a low collar and button, with a slight pop of white coming at the bottom of the sleeves. No colour looks out of place, making it a clean finish. 

Bristol Women

4. Manchester United

United’s deep red finish with splashes of black is sophisticated and classic. The deep gold badge blends well with their sponsor logo – which can often look out of place on their shirts. The subtle tie-in of references to their historic treble winning season are a celebration of the club’s rich history. 

Man Utd

3. West Ham United

A surprise early entry for the London club. However, the two-texture design of their shirt is easily a favourite for this season. Party at the top, business at the bottom. The light blue and stripes across the chest of the shirt add an extra dimension while sporting the classic claret on the bottom half. A perfect blend of claret-and-blue.  

West Hame

2. Chelsea

In keeping with the Chelsea blue, this shirt quite literally embodies the history of the club. The patterned design is inspired by Stamford Bridge’s build and architectural prowess with beams spread across the fit. It’s almost comic book-esque.   

Chelsea Women

1. Arsenal

If we’re being honest, all three of Arsenal’s shirts could’ve been at top spot in this ranking. Adidas nailed it. It’s the minor details in the three shades collar and sleeves that give a subtle nod to vintage Arsenal while it’s sleek finish is current. 

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