FIFA 20 players can get GOAT status with 500 FUT Champions wins


How would you like GOAT status on FIFA Ultimate Team?

It’s possible in the upcoming FIFA 20 game - which will be released on September 27 - but it won’t be easy.

Gamers can achieve the ‘Golden GOAT Tifo’ by winning 500 FUT Champions matches.

The cosmetic appears in a video from YouTuber MattHDGamer, and it looks incredible.

There are two GOAT Tifos. There’s the standard GOAT, which can be attained by winning 150 Rivals matches.

And there’s also the shiny Golden GOAT Tifo, which you receive by amassing 500 FUT Champions games.



Golden GOAT Tifo


You also get two rare gold players packs when you hit 500 wins.

These rewards are subject to change ahead of the release of FIFA 20.


GOAT status is pretty cool but the rewards have split fans, with some expecting more for what is bound to be a tough challenge to complete.

User USi2310 posted on the FIFA subreddit: “As an Elite 3 Player that would be like 21 Weekend Leagues...

“Even if you would go 30-0 all the time, it would take you 17 Weekend Leagues... what a reward for such an accomplishment!

I’m HYPED! Not.

Another said: “Lol at the fact it takes at least 17 weeks to reach that goal if you get perfect weekends.

“If EA want to do this they need to open up FUT Champs to a weekly competition.”

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But others are more positive.

“That is great,” user cappo40 wrote.

“Don't understand why people are getting bent out of shape over this, it's something you get for playing the game, something most of you wanted."

And another said: “Holy f*** guys relax. You will get enough rewards on your way to the Tifo. The goat is just an extra. Jeez.”

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