Emmanuel Adebayor is making jokes about Arsenal fans' mothers on Instagram

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

It's now been over 10 years since Emmanuel Adebayor's infamous celebration at the Etihad Stadium.

Mere months after turning his back Arsenal, Adebayor scored on his first appearance against the Gunners with Manchester City and proceeded to rub his old supporters' noses in it.

Running no less than 120 metres down the pitch to reach the away end, the Togolese proceeded to knee-slide in front of a wall of furious Arsenal fans who had once cheered for him. 

As Alan Hansen pointed out at the time, it wouldn't have been so bad if Adebayor had scored at the other side of the pitch but such an over-the-top sprint made his intentions clear to everybody.

However, it looked for all intents and purposes that Adebayor had simply gotten carried away in the moment and was keen to apologise for the incident during his post-match interview.

Anniversary of Adebayor's celebration

“I’m sorry for what I have done,” said Adebayor. “We have to do a mistake to be better tomorrow.”

But it seems that sense of remorse was short-lived because Adebayor has gone on to defend the celebration in a number of newspaper interviews ever since.

So, it should come as little surprise that the now Kayserispor striker sought to mark yesterday's 10-year anniversary on his Instagram page.

Adebayor loses his head on Instagram

While that in itself is pretty provocative towards Arsenal fans, there was nothing outrageous about the caption other than the birthday cake, love heart and kissing face emojis at a push.

However, that was still enough for some supporters to express their anger in the comments and to say that Adebayor didn't take that well would be the biggest understatement of 2019.

In fact, to the astonishment of just about everybody, the 35-year-old started replying to mostly Arsenal fans with a series of 'Your Mum' jokes and boasts about his bank account.

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

Some of his 'Your Mum' replies

We'll leave you with a list of some of Adebayor's replies down below:

Fan: And after dat celebration ur career nosedived. True or false

Adebayor: After I went straight with your mum

Fan: Your current club has less followers than you... great work "Legend"

Adebayor: And I'm 35 still can buy your family to work for me

Fan: Look where u are now u dead baller

Adebayor: Apartment for your mum to stay in

Fan: The most silliest and stupidest thing i have see you do brof

Adebayor: Is taking your mum from behind

Fan: Big 35 year old and making mum jokes LOOOOL grow up

Adebayor: Burying your mum

Fan: I understand why you did this in that moment but to repost it 10 later all happy? You need to grow up mate. Arsenal made you who you are today

Adebayor: But I have better bank account than your entire family I love this game hahahahahha

Staggeringly, that isn't an exhaustive list and you can peruse the comments at your own leisure here if you're reading on mobile.  

Manchester City's Togolese forward Emman

Funnily enough, Adebayor went way too far with some of his 'Your Mum' jokes and surely must have expected something of a backlash in the comments. 

However, the ship has well and truly sailed and it's a reminder that aiming any sort of criticism at Adebayor probably won't end well. That clearly that applies to your mother, too.

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