Virgil van Dijk absolutely dominates Harry Maguire's in-game statistics on FIFA 20


The two most expensive defenders in history reside in the Premier League.

Everybody did a double-take when Liverpool shelled out £75 million for Virgil van Dijk almost two years ago, but his performances ever since have rendered it something of a bargain.

The Dutchman is undisputedly the best defender in the world, was named the UEFA Player of the Year, and will contest the Ballon d'Or title against Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Then there's Harry Maguire who, after two successful seasons with Leicester City, was procured by Manchester United for an eye-watering £80 million this summer.

There's no doubting that Maguire is one of the best defenders in the Premier League, but the jury is most certainly out on whether the Red Devils were right to part ways with a world-record fee.

Most expensive defenders in history 

And believe it or not, there was a debate at the start of the season as to which defender was better.

It's something that seems a little farcical after the opening few games of the campaign, but we just know there are some United fans who would back Maguire tooth and nail.

And in the interest of remaining partial, we have decided to revisit the debate by studying the latest way the two players have been compared: the new FIFA 20 player ratings.

Manchester United v Chelsea FC - Premier League

Comparing VVD and Maguire on FIFA 20

Van Dijk is one of the highest-rated players on the game with an overall score of 90, while Maguire could actually feel a little hard done by with his total of 82.

Nevertheless, there are more to FIFA ratings than the headline number and neither are we settling for the six statistics that are seen on the players' Ultimate Team cards.

We're going all-out and using the statistical bank on FUTHead, we have broken the Maguire vs Van Dijk debate to the minutia of each player's 29 in-game statistics. 

It ensures that no numerical rock is left unturned from marking and tackling to free-kick taking and penalties, so check out the full breakdown here:  

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Can somebody call a taxi for Maguire please?

Van Dijk has a higher rating for pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, physical and defending, meaning that both his total statistics and in-game statistics are far higher than Maguire.

As for the most detailed statistics, it gets even more painful for the United man who finds himself on the wrong side of an absolute 23-6 drubbing. 

The only areas where Maguire can asset any dominance over his Liverpool rival is in the positioning, volley, vision, balance, heading accuracy and aggression categories.


But the success ends there with Van Dijk getting the upper-hand in crucial areas like long passing, ball control, dribbling, composure, sliding tackles, interceptions and strength.

In summary, we can quietly place the Van Dijk vs Maguire debate back on the shelf for moment.

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