The streets will never forget some of these legendary FIFA Ultimate Team cards

Agbonlahor & Welliton were simply unplayable

FIFA 20 is just on the horizon.

EA Sports' latest edition of the world's most famous football game is as eagerly anticipated as, well, it is every single year.

And in keeping with annual tradition, fans will be eager to know which players have been overpowered this time around.

Every single year, you get one, two or more cards that simply cannot be tamed by anyone - no matter how much we all try and practice.

So with that in mind, we've decided to provide 21 cards from down the years that have fallen into that exact category.

The streets will never forget some of these virtual legends.

Nilmar (FIFA 12)

Nilmar on FIFA 12

There have been some brilliant Brazilian strikers down the years, but Nilmar may have been the pick of the bunch in the virtual world.

Alexander Esswein (FIFA 13)

Esswein on FIFA 13

Imagine Miroslav Klose and Gerd Muller rolled into one, that was what Esswein was like on FIFA 13.

Seydou Doumbia (FIFA 15)

Doumbia on FIFA 15

Pace, pace and more pace. Doumbia was part of the deadly Serie A trio that haunted players on FIFA 15.

Gervinho (FIFA 15)

Gervinho on FIFA 15

The second member of that lethal trident. Gervinho may have flopped at Arsenal in real life, but he made FIFA 15 his playground.

Victor Ibarbo (FIFA 15)

Ibarbo on FIFA 15

And the final piece of the puzzle. Doumbia, Gervinho and Ibarbo ate defenders for breakfast with their speed and scored goals like they were going out of fashion.

Chris Smalling (FIFA 17)

Smalling on FIFA 17

Smalling may have been something of a meme-like figure in recent years, but he was a FIFA God a few years back. The Virgil van Dijk of FIFA 17.

Jack Butland (FIFA 17)

Butland on FIFA 17

For some bizarre reason, Butland was like prime Lev Yashin on FIFA 17, meaning if you did manage to get past Smalling, you still weren't going to score.

Gabriel Agbonlahor (FIFA 10)

Agbonlahor on FIFA 10

The year Ultimate Team launched led to many players smashing their controllers after Agbonlahor burst past their centre-backs to complete his double hat-trick.

Ramires (FIFA 13)

Ramires on FIFA 13

A midfielder with 88-pace? Unbelievable Jeff. Ramires was like N'Golo Kante and Usain Bolt rolled into one, beautiful stuff.

Ahmed Musa (FIFA 17)

Musa on FIFA 17

We just have five words for you: catch him if you can.

Hulk (FIFA 10)

Hulk on FIFA 10

The Brazilian has had many beastly cards, but his 86-rated centre-forward card really took the biscuit. Those long shots were simply too much.

Welliton (FIFA 13)

Welliton on FIFA 13

The Ronaldo Nazario of Spartak Moscow. Welliton was the main reason why the Russian Premier League was so popular on FIFA 13.

Emmanuel Emenike (FIFA 13)

Emenike on FIFA 13

Actually there were two reasons, with Emenike being the other. If you had the Nigerian and Welliton upfront, you were responsible for FIFA-related tears - shame on you.

Fredy Guarin (FIFA 14)

Guarin on FIFA 14

The complete midfielder. If you had a Serie A team without the Colombian, then you need to hang your head in shame.

Fabrizio Miccoli (FIFA 13)

Miccoli on FIFA 13

Never heard of FIFA's legendary Italian double act? No it wasn't Daniele De Rossi and Andrea Pirlo in midfield, it was Miccoli and a certain other Italian, who can be found below...

Antonio Di Natale (FIFA 13)

Di Natale on FIFA 13

You guessed it. The two strikers who had everything; pace, dribbling and, above all, finishing. Miccoli and Di Natale were the duo of dreams on FIFA.

Dede (FIFA 13)

Dede on FIFA 13

In need of some pace at the back? Dede was your go-to man, making most strikers look like your old granny.

Michel Bastos (FIFA 12)

Bastos on FIFA 12

Get the ball on that left foot from 40 yards out or fewer and it was finding the back of the net.

Taye Taiwo (FIFA 12)

Taiwo on FIFA 12

You know how annoying Van Dijk is to play against on FIFA 19? Well, Taiwo was basically the Dutchman playing at left-back, but with more pace.

Robinho (FIFA 12)

Robinho on FIFA 12

Robinho, 85-rated Alexandre Pato and 88-rated Zlatan Ibrahimovic all at AC Milan? Oh yes and it was as monstrous as it sounds.

Yassine Chikhaoui (FIFA 15)

Chikhaoui on FIFA 15

And we end with the GOAT in-form card. Imagine handing those kind of stats to an 80 overall? Unreal.

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