Cain Velasquez has hinted that his wrestling career may continue with All Elite Wrestling

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez made headlines around the world last month - and it wasn't for one of his MMA fights.

Velasquez decided to swap the Octagon for a wrestling ring when he debuted for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, and his first taste has left him wanting a lot more.

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion teamed up with Cody Rhodes and Psycho Clown in a victorious effort against Los Mercenarios and Killer Kross, but the result of the match wasn't the thing that circulated in the media afterwards.

Donning a lucha mask, Velasquez impressed with his athleticism and ring work, which saw him perform a Hurricanrana and a Springboard Arm-drag which would have wowed any top wrestler in the business.

And Cain will continue to extend his wrestling legacy by performing at Madison Square Garden's Hulu Theater this weekend at AAA's Lucha Invades NY event, where he will again be in a six-man tag match.

With one more match for AAA contracted after this one, Velasquez is already looking towards his future in the business.

He's admitted that the possibility of competing in either WWE or All Elite Wrestling really intrigues him - but he prefers one over the other.

Cain Velasquez was unsuccessful in his last UFC fight in February, but he still has plans to return to the Octagon

I think obviously WWE is the powerhouse. They've had the biggest stars come from there and it's the most watched wrestling in the U.S. for sure," Velasquez told ESPN.

"I love the backstories and the drama, but I like more of the lucha stuff. I like the athleticism, and we do see some in WWE, but as far as wrestling goes, it's not my favourite organisation just as far as the wrestling.

I think AEW is doing some great stuff. I like the talent that they've brought in. They have a mix of lucha, which I think is pretty cool, and something fans are really liking these days.

"They're doing a great job in giving the fans what they want as far as the wrestling and I love that they're doing that.

"I like them both for what they are, but I love the way AEW is going, the path they are going. I see big things for them in the future. ... If I can, I'd love to do something with them."

Velasquez has already wrestled with AEW executive Cody Rhodes and said he would 'love' to work for them

Cain is still contracted to three more bouts in the UFC, but it looks as though wrestling has already taken a hold over him.

Even though he's trained at WWE's Performance Center before, it looks like AEW has taken the lead in the race to try and persuade him to further his wrestling career with them - and he's already tagged with one of their Executive VPs.

It's by no means certain that Velasquez will continue to wrestle beyond his current contracted dates, but his sound bites suggest that it's something he's going to pwwe ursue for the next few years.

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