Sergio Ramos has been voted as having the worst tattoos in sport


If you’re a professional sportsman without a tattoo, you’re probably in the minority.

So many professional athletes now have some sort of body ink.

Whether it’s the name of your partner, a memorable date or some tribal symbol - sport and tattoos are a match made in heaven.

Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with a tattoo or two.

Some tattoos can be really meaningful and actually look pretty good.

But we all know that most sportsmen have more money than sense.

That means they often rush into making baffling decisions - and that has often happened when it comes to getting inked.

Let’s be honest, there are some awful tattoos in the sporting world.

But what’s the worst?

Well, fans have actually been voting for the worst tattoo in sport. conducted a survey and have produced a list of worst 20 tattoos in sport.

Let’s take a look:

20 | Dele Alli

Alli’s full first name is Bamidele which might explain why he has a tattoo of Bamm-Bamm from the the Flinstones on his arm.


19 | Nigel De Jong

De Jong’s tattoos are about as good as his tackle in the 2006 World Cup final.

Not good at all.


18 | Stephen Ireland

Who gets wings tattooed on their entire back? Ireland does…


17 | Lionel Messi

Even the best footballer in the world is guilty of getting some dodgy tatts. Messi has quite a few but that one that he decided to just ink his entire lower left leg is pretty shocking.


16 | Wayne Rooney

English and Proud? It’s just a bit…Brexit, isn’t it?


15 | Artur Boruc

Wow. Just wow.


14 | Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan has more ink on his back than visible skin.


13 | Leroy Sane

Sane has a tattoo of his goal celebration for Manchester City against Monaco - a tie in which City lost. Awkward.


12 | Damian Delaney

A clown tattoo with a gun in his mouth. We don’t know if Delaney has kids but, if he does, we hope he hides this terrifying tattoo from them.


11 | David Beckham

Becks is absolutely covered in tattoos but it seems fans aren’t too keen on his two sleeves. Personally, we think that if anyone can pull off tattoos, it’s Beckham.


10 | Daniel Agger

Agger loves tattoos and is even a certified tattoo artist. He’s even done a few of them himself. Some of them are questionable, though.


9 | Conor McGregor

Do you really need to get your own surname inked across your stomach? Not to mention the gorilla with a crown on his chest.


8 | Nile Ranger

At least Ranger is unique with a lip tattoo. His ‘Ranger’ tattoo on the side of his head is very questionable, though.


7 | Tim Howard

Another guy that has more ink than visible skin.


6 | Andres D'Alessandro

There’s getting a tattoo of your own surname and then there’s getting a tattoo of your own face.


5 | Raheem Sterling

Sterling’s decision to get a gun tattooed on his leg certainly caught the media’s attention.


4 | Jay Bothroyd

Sterling got a gun tattoo on his leg, Bothroyd got a tattoo of a machine gun, a pistol, a grenade and a flick-knife arranged to spell out ‘LOVE.’ Guns and love. Hmmm.


3 | Alessandro Diamanti

Diamanti doesn’t appear to have given his tattoos too much thought. It just looks so random.


2 | Mike Tyson

A face tattoo is never good. And Tyson’s is pretty awful. We won’t tell him, though.


1 | Sergio Ramos

Ramos has more tattoos than yellow cards - and that’s a lot!

But it’s his finger tattoos that have been voted the worst with the numbers 35, 32, 90+ and 19 on them.

Ramos wore 35 and 32 at Sevilla and scored in second-half injury-time in the 2014 Champions League final. As for 19, it either represents the age in which he signed for Real Madrid or his age when he made his Spain debut.

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