This is the best possible starting XI you can create on day one in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


It's that time of year when the hype around FIFA starts to seriously build. 

EA Sports have done well to keep gamers excited by releasing details about the annual title in bursts. 

A few months ago, we found out about VOLTA football, while more recently, we've heard of changes to Ultimate Team, career mode and Pro Clubs. 

And earlier this week came the moment many were waiting for, as the top 100 players in the game were announced.  

Lionel Messi has been crowned the best player in FIFA 20 thanks to his 94 overall rating. Cristiano Ronaldo is just behind him at 93, while Neymar rounds off the top three with his 92 overall. 

The top 100 list can be viewed in full here

A lot has been made of the top three players in the game, but what happens if we dig a little deeper and ask what the best possible starting XI would look like on Ultimate Team? 

Well, it's a thing of beauty. Check it out below - note that this 11 contains just current players and no ICONS. 


Not a single star in the XI is rated lower than 89 overall. Imagine having this team at your disposal on Ultimate Team. At least we can all dream. 

The side is so good that some noticeable players failed to make the cut. The likes of Eden Hazard, Luis Suarez and Mohamed Salah all miss out. 

Hopefully though, we won't need a team this good to reach 'GOAT status' in Ultimate Team. 

It was revealed earlier this week that 500 wins in FUT Champions matches unlocks a 'Golden GOAT Tifo' to show off inside your stadium. Very cool indeed. 


Achieving that certainly won't be easy though, as it would take at least 17 weeks of going 30-0 in the weekend league to reach 500 wins. 

But if you're lucky enough to build an XI like the one above, GOAT status is something you should be gunning for. 

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