Neymar scores incredible 92nd-minute bicycle kick winner on his PSG return

Neymar scored an incredible bicycle kick.

Neymar was completely rejected on his return to the Paris Saint-Germain side on Saturday for their home meeting with Strasbourg.

The fans booed him, chanted he was a 'son of a b****' and held up an offensive banner about his son.

And then the Brazilian scores a 92nd-minute bicycle-kick winner to decide the game.

Absolutely stunning and the perfect way to silence anyone doubting his importance to the team.

Few players could answer the crowd like this.

And answering was needed, such was the way his return to the team was greeted by the PSG faithful.

They booed his name when he was announced in the starting line up, then chanted that he was a 'son of a bitch'.

The worst, though, was a banner unfurled by the Ultras that told Neymar to 'sell his son in Vila Mimosa' - a part of Rio that's notorious for prostitution.

And yet, as if it were written in the stars, Neymar was the hero on his return with a late winner.

Neymar won the game with his wondergoal.

Not just any late winner, though, but a bicycle kick.

You can check it out below:

Now that's an incredibly special moment for an incredibly special player. Incredible.

Neymar left a sour taste in the mouth of PSG fans this summer, of course, as he courted a return to Barcelona.

He arrived in Paris in 2017 as the costliest player in history, with the ultimate goal of establishing PSG among the elite of Europe by delivering the Champions League.

Only, it hasn't worked out that way.

PSG seem no clearer and Neymar wants to go back to where he was - and Barca are happy to oblige, apparently.

But it didn't happen this summer and the Brazilian had to remain in France for at least one more season.

That reportedly left Neymar in tears - he was desperate to go back to Spain.

And now the PSG fans are stuck with him, too, but as he showed on Saturday, that's probably for the best.

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