Jurgen Klopp has finally revealed why he does not wear a suit on match-days


Has there been a better time to be a Liverpool fan?

Jurgen Klopp's Anfield revolution is finally bearing fruit, and the Reds are nothing short of unstoppable at the moment.

Liverpool are European champions, five points clear at the top of the table, and currently on a 14 game winning streak in the Premier League.

It has been quite a ride for the Merseysiders, who finally banished their poor record in cup finals when they beat Tottenham in Madrid in June.

Klopp was simply made for Liverpool and they do love him so.

The site of Klopp gesticulating and bellowing from the sidelines is one of the best sites in the game - and he does it all in a simple tracksuit.

In fact, that famous track suit is all Klopp is ever seen in and many have begun to wonder why.

Other managers always look prim and proper on the sidelines in their suits and ties, while the flashiest thing Klopp wears on a match day is his smile.

Liverpool FC v Newcastle United - Premier League

Now, the German has explained why.

"I have a suit for weddings, funerals and if someone tells me I have to wear a suit, otherwise this will never be my ideal," Klopp told TalkSport.

"I have no reason for it. I don't feel comfortable in it. The tie, I cannot breathe properly. So I don't want to think about the game what I wear.

"I'm really happy that the kit man gives me something I can jump in and I got out. I'm just not made for that, that's it. I do wear suits from time to time. A football game was never part of it.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final

"I don't want to look good on the sidelines, my team should look good, that's my main target."

There you have it.

Klopp is without a doubt the best thing to happen to Liverpool in an age - if he wanted to wear a speedo on the sidelines, you can be sure the Anfield faithful wouldn't mind.

The Reds now turn their focus to Europe as they prepare for a trip to Napoli.

Klopp will be hoping to get their European campaign to a roaring start as well.

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