David Luiz has conceded 2 penalties in 4 games at Arsenal having only conceded 3 in 160 at Chelsea

Arsenal FC v Burnley FC - Premier League

Whoever thought signing David Luiz for Arsenal was a good idea is probably hiding in a dark corner now.

Arsenal's defence has been their biggest achilles heel for years now, but signing Luiz to try and mend it is akin to using dynamite to put out a fire.

After a decent start to his career in north London, the Brazilian maverick has resorted to type and is now the familiar calamity prone lad we have all come to love.

It was peak Arsenal as they squandered a comfortable 2-0 halftime lead to blow a perfectly good shot at three points on the road.

Luiz simply isn't good enough defensively.
He does enjoy the odd moment of genius when going forward - but his madcap antics at the back massively overshadow his forward going deeds.

And, to the horror of the Emirates faithful, it seems his frailties have only escalated since making the switch from Chelsea.

That is because in just 4 games he has already conceded two penalties at Arsenal, while only conceding three in 160 games at Chelsea.


Having watched Shkodran Mustafi shoot himself in the foot on far too regular an occasion, Arsenal fans now get to watch Luiz do the same thing.

There is simply no escape.

With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang smashing goals in for fun up front, the backline is scuppering any chance they may have of making the top four.

In other words, they have canons at the front, and water pistols at the back.

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