WWE fines Becky Lynch $10,000 for inadvertently striking an official at Clash of Champions


Becky Lynch walked out of Clash of Champions still as the Raw Women's Champion, but her fight check will feel lighter as WWE has slapped her with a fine for inadvertently attacking an official.

Lynch retained her Raw Women's title at Clash of Champions after her match with Sasha Banks ended in a disqualification when she accidentally attacked the referee.

Banks brought a chair into the ring, but it was taken off her by the ring official. The Man then grabbed hold of the chair and attempted to attack The Boss with it.

However, Banks dodged out of the way of the chair swing, resulting in Lynch inadvertently attacking the referee instead.

WWE would later reveal on their website that Lynch was slapped with a $10,000 fine for striking the referee during her Raw Women's title defense.

Of course, this fine is just part of the storyline, but it adds another interesting layer to the ongoing feud between The Man and The Boss.


Banks would win the match, but due to the disqualification of Lynch from the match, the Raw Women's Championship did not change hands.

Lynch and Banks continued to brawl despite the match being over. Although Banks won via disqualification, Lynch had the last laugh.

The Man applied the Disarm-her to her Clash of Champions opponent while seated in the chair in the middle of the ring before they were broken up by officials.


A disqualification can be annoying in the eyes of fans that want clear results, but Lynch and Banks are talented enough inside the ring to make a long rivalry worthwhile.

The Man and The Boss are the two most over women in the entire WWE right now, so it's not surprising that the company wants to extend their rivalry past one pay-per-view show.

It clearly looks like Lynch and Banks aren't anywhere near done feuding, especially with the disqualification finish, so we'll likely see them go again at Hell in a Cell next month.

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