Kevin Owens pokes holes in WWE creative after Becky Lynch's Clash of Champions match finish


Kevin Owens didn't have a match at Clash of Champions, but he did use his free time to poke holes in WWE's creative booking for the show, specifically Becky Lynch's match finish.

During the Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks bout at Clash of Champions, the Raw Women's Champion accidentally hit the referee with a chair, disqualifying her from the match.

Owens did something similar back at SummerSlam last month when he faced Shane McMahon, as he assaulted the match's special guest referee Elias and was issued a $100,000 fine by Shane.

Owens was watching the Lynch vs Banks match last night and tweeted his reaction to The Man attacking the official with a chair in the ring.

The Prizefighter said: "I guess Becky’s fired."


WWE didn't punish Lynch the same amount as Owens for her attack on an official, as the company announced on their website they decided to issue her a $10,000 fine instead of a $100,000 fine.

She wasn't 'fired' by WWE either, unlike how the former Universal Champion was last week on SmackDown. Guess it pays to be in the good books of The McMahon Family!

Owens was 'fired' from WWE by Shane last week on SmackDown for accepting his tap out to Chad Gable when he was serving as the special guest referee in their King Of The Ring semi-final match.


However, many fans believe Owens' firing is the pathway for him to join NXT and be a part of their roster as the show begins their live broadcasting on the USA Network this week on September 18.

We'll have to wait and see if The Prizefighter makes the jump from SmackDown to NXT, but for now, he's occupying his time by pointing out flaws in WWE's creative booking when it comes to the fines issued to superstars for referee mistreatment.

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