Baron Corbin says it's not WWE's fault superstars are being misused on the main roster


Baron Corbin has weighed in on the ongoing argument amongst WWE fans about how NXT superstars are pushed once they are moved to the main roster.

Not every superstar that jumps from NXT to the main roster is given a push at the top of the card. Some superstars don't even get a sniff of a segment or match on Raw or SmackDown each week after being moved.

Many fans blame this lack of push for former NXT superstars on the poor decisions which WWE creative makes, but Corbin has a different reason.

Speaking on the Not Sam Wrestling Podcast, The Lone Wolf believes the talent themselves must make the most of the opportunities they are given in order to improve their position in WWE.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: “What’s crazy is when people say, ‘I don’t want these guys to get called up so that they can be misused.’ Nobody is being misused.

"They’re going to be given opportunities; they’re either going to make them successful or not, that is just the way it is. There is a reason why NXT and Triple H has built an amazing thing down there because it gets guys ready to come down here [to the main roster].

“He’s getting guys ready to come to the main roster and sometimes people get called up they may not be absolutely ready or whatever the situation didn’t fit the way that they originally thought it would be, but it’s just going to take time to rebuild or figure it out, which is on the guys.

"When they get called up it is up to the guys to find success. John Cena is somebody who has always preached that. It’s on you, it’s not on anyone else. If guys are being misused it’s not anybody’s fault but their own.


“They have to find an avenue to get successful, to get creative, to pitch ideas, and it’s hard because you do get lost in the shuffle here. There are a lot of guys that I think do great things when given the opportunity but it’s all about fighting and finding that opportunity.”

While Corbin is right with what he says, there's also only a certain ceiling superstars can reach in WWE with the booking which they are given.

If they don't have the right gimmick or enough matches on Raw or SmackDown, their ceiling on the main roster is limited. 

Corbin will have an opportunity to fully relish his main roster opportunities when he takes part in the King of the Ring Final vs Chad Gable on Raw tonight.

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