Women's Sports: Sky Brown, 11, a step closer to making history at the Olympics

Women's Sports Sky Brown

Sky Brown is an 11-year-old skateboarder who won bronze in the World Skateboarding Championship in Sao Paulo on 14th September.

The young British athlete was raised in Japan with her mother, who is Japanese and her British father. In the championship, she faced Misugu Okamoto and Sakura Yosozumi from Japan, who took gold and silver medals. 

Brown is also a junior winner of Dancing with the Stars 2018 and is happy for the opportunity to compete in the championships.

"I am so, so stoked right now," said Brown. "I just went out there today and had fun; I can't believe I got third place. I was thrilled to skate with all these amazing girls from around the world."

She is eager to go to the Olympics and "show other girls out there that you can do anything, no matter how old you are."

If Brown is successful, she will be the youngest Olympian to compete in the Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 will have four skateboarding events, men and women's street and park. Winning the bronze medal has given Brown a higher chance of qualifying.

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