Cagliari won't face any punishment for racist chants towards Romelu Lukaku

Cagliari Calcio v FC Internazionale - Serie A

Serie A have confirmed that Cagliari will not face any punishment for the racist chanting aimed at Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku.

The disgusting scenes occurred on September 1 before the international break, with Lukaku clearly being subjected to racist chants while taking a penalty.

Lukaku scored that particular spot-kick before turning to face the vile home fans behind that goal.

However, it’s now been claimed that the chants were not deemed to be 'discriminatory'

The Giudice Sportivo panel ruled on Tuesday that the noises were not considered offensive in terms of 'size and real perception'. 

Instead, the Cagliari were fined £4,430 for throwing plastic bottles against Parma.


Following the incident, the Inter Milan Ultras wrote a rather shocking letter to Lukaku explaining what Cagliari fans did wasn’t racist.

“We understand that it could have seemed racist to you but it is not like that. In Italy we use some ‘ways’ only to ‘help our teams’ and to try to make our opponents nervous, not for racism but to mess them up,” it read.

“When you declare that racism is a problem to be fought in Italy you just help the repression against all football fans including us and you contribute to create a problem that is not really there, not in the way that is perceived in other countries.”

And last weekend, an Italian TV pundit was sacked and making the following remarks about Lukaku.

"If Lukaku goes one-on-one with you you're dead, you fall to the ground. The only way to out-muscle him is to give him ten bananas to eat,” Luciano Passirani said.

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