All Elite Wrestling paid for advertising time during SmackDown Live in the United States

Some of the stars of All Elite Wrestling, including Cody Rhodes

SmackDown Live may have upped its game significantly before it moves homes in a few weeks time, but it's not stopped WWE's biggest rival from trying to gain an upper hand on them.

The return of Brock Lesnar was the clearest sign that the blue brand is making big moves before they switch to FOX on October 4, where Lesnar will face Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship in Los Angeles.

It was a fun show overall with Baron Corbin's King of the Ring coronation going awry, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan destroying Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, and Kevin Owens serving Shane McMahon with a 'lawsuit' for wrongful dismissal.

But one of the most interesting points of the night saw some WWE fans watching the show the United States got a surprise during an ad break as their biggest competitors managed to get some air-time.

There was absolutely no way the USA Network would allow All Elite Wrestling to get themselves out there on their network on WWE's watch - none at all though.

Cody Rhodes, front and centre of an AEW press event, may have been one of the men behind the advertisement during SmackDown

When there's a will though, there is a way, and AEW got around it in the cleverest way possible to make sure their product was advertised during SmackDown in some form.

AEW instead apparently went to DirecTV, a satellite provider which had 21 million subscribers as of 2017, which means anyone watching SmackDown on DirecTV would have seen AEW branding during the two-hour broadcast of SmackDown.

Vince McMahon, who was not present for SmackDown last night, just like Raw 24 hours before, will probably be furious once he hears what has occurred.

There's not a chance he would want his main competition advertised during his show and you can bet he will do everything he can to stop it happening again.

You can bet that Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes or whomever in AEW was behind sorting the ad out to happen during SmackDown is very pleased with themselves that it's gained some social media traction!

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