Alexa Bliss adds fuel to the rumours that she and Sasha Banks legitimately dislike each other

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss

There has been long-standing rumours surrounding the relationship between two of the top female wrestlers in WWE - Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss.

Fans have always kept a close eye out for their interactions during matches and segments since the gossip surrounding them started, and earlier this year the two were allegedly kept separate from each other backstage.

Both women were back in the ring against each other on Raw as The Boss teamed up with Bayley to take on Bliss and her fellow Women's Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross, but a moment in the match really got people talking online.

At one point in the match, it looked as though Banks tried to knock Bliss off the apron whilst she wasn't active during the match, and when she missed with the first hit, she then aimed a kick at Bliss' midriff, the impact sending her crashing back against the ring post.

The WWE Universe couldn't work out whether or not it was a shoot kick or it was just Banks being a heel and it was a planned move, but Bliss didn't entirely look happy.

And some social media activity from the currently injured Nia Jax was the first of a number of signs that all didn't seem to be too well between Bliss and Banks.

Jax retweeted a clip of the incident, which suggested that Sasha's kick to Alexa was actually a cheap shot, and considering she's out of action with no storyline, you'd have to assume Jax thinks the same as the person who tweeted it.

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks seemingly aren't the best of friends

At another point in the match, Bliss hit a senton to both her opponents on the outside of the ring, with only Bayley attempting to catch Bliss and break her fall, with Banks pretty much avoiding contact.

When WWE Hall of Famer Madusa responded to Bliss' Instagram post of the move praising Bayley's role, Bliss responded by saying she agreed with her sentiments - another sign that things aren't too rosy between Alexa and 'The Boss'.

Has Sasha responded to any of this? No, she hasn't, but her husband seems to have indirectly addressed the situation on his Twitter account by saying: "I've said it before, I'll say it again. People in glass houses shouldn't cast stones."

Nia Jax has seemingly weighed in on the 'feud' too after she retweeted a Twitter video criticising Banks

It could very well be a jibe towards Nia, who hasn't been at all careful in the past [she broke Becky Lynch's nose before her scheduled Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey], but on the other hand it could be related to something entirely different.

WWE fans will have made their own minds up already whether or not there is a big issue between Bliss and Banks though, but the evidence is seemingly overwhelming.

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