Bernie Ecclestone wanted Formula 1 to have medal-based system rather than points


From the perspective of people who do not necessarily follow the sport, the Formula 1 point system can be deemed confusing.

However, even the former chief of the sport Bernie Ecclestone has said he would favour a medals-based system. 

“I never wanted this scoring system. I would have preferred medals,” Ecclestone said

In the past, there have been examples of where drivers have driven tactically in order to achieve the exact amount of points to either go higher than somebody in the drivers' leaderboard or even to secure a world championship. 

However, Ecclestone believes that this should not be the ethos of racing and should follow the idea of every car on the grid having one goal - finishing first and winning the 'gold medal'. 

Nowadays, if you finish first, second and third, you will receive 25, 18 and 15 points respectively, with a lesser amount of points being shared between fourth and 10th.

However, F1 has added a new rule as of this season where the person with the fastest lap in the top 10 will receive an extra point. 

The former F1 chief was less than impressed with this new rule and questioned the purpose of it.

F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

“Where is the motivation to ride for ten per cent of all points?” Ecclestone stated. 

“There will never be a balanced field. Some people always do the job better than many others.

“Of course it is bad if you know the winner before the race, as has often been the case for the past five years. It is enough if six drivers can win.”

Despite Ecclestone's comments, the concept of points allows the lesser teams of the organisation such as Haas, Racing Point and Alfa Romeo something to compete for.

Realistically, the teams mentioned won't be competing with the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull for a 'podium place' due to the sheer level of investment that can be found in these constructors. 

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