Kenny Omega says AEW has 'real stars' compared to NXT's 'developmental talent'

Kenny Omega

NXT had an incredibly successful show last night as they made the switch from a taped one-hour product to a live two-hour episode.

Triple H's brand will be based on the USA Network and in a few weeks time will go up against AEW Dynamite in the first wrestling war since the Monday Night Wars during the Attitude Era.

NXT has a multitude of stars who have made appearances on the main roster or who have gained popularity outside of WWE.

Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa and Pete Dunne have all put on incredible matches for the brand over the years, and it seems as though WALTER has arrived in Orlando after last night's action - he and Imperium will bring a fresh super-stable to proceedings.

Then of course you have the former UFC star Matt Riddle, who turned his hand to wrestling after Dana White released him from the MMA promotion.

Riddle never looked back since and became one of the top wrestlers on the indies, and has already made his mark in NXT.

Triple H has elevated a lot of wrestlers in NXT, including Johnny Gargano

That's a lot of stars to have at Triple H's disposal, but Kenny Omega doesn't see them as a big deal at all.

One of AEW's top hands and a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion in Japan, Omega believes that AEW has genuine stars on their hands, and that NXT is simply 'developmental'.

"Let’s pretend there were no borders, let’s pretend there were no promotions, let’s just pretend there’s just one big promotion. If these guys [in NXT] were in the same show as me, they’d be in the dark match," claimed Omega, per SportsKeeda.

"They’d be in the opening match of my main event match.

“You wanna call that a war, you wanna call that competition? Go ahead. Maybe it’s fun for you to do. That’s cool.

Kenny Omega, pictured with AEW owner Tony Khan, thinks NXT only houses developmental superstars

"But we’re different planets. And you’re going to see that right away, when you see 10000+ arenas sold out. You’re going to see smiles on fans’ faces.

You’re going to see real stars, not developmental talent. But real stars appearing on your television sets, every week.

With the credentials and experience that the top NXT male and females have, it seems incredibly naive for Omega to label them as 'developmental talents'.

He may just be trying to portray AEW in a better light in comparison to NXT, but he couldn't be more wrong.

Even though AEW do have the likes of Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho, and Omega himself who have all done big things around the world, NXT's main men are more than 'developmental', and they're going to show it on a weekly basis in the Wednesday Night Wars.

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