Triple H says Vince McMahon doesn't get the credit he deserves for NXT being what it is today

Triple H and Vince McMahon

The live two-hour debut of NXT on the USA Network has received global praise from wrestling fans.

Stars who were previously confined to the WWE Network were able to display their talents to a potentially huge audience on cable television, and they'll soon be going head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling when they debut on TNT in less than two weeks.

There was heavy speculation that Vince McMahon was set to get more 'hands-on' with the product as it moved to the USA Network.

Triple H dismissed this notion though, but McMahon is still watching from afar, and The Game revealed that Vince was actually texting him his excitement throughout the day, and congratulated him after the show was over.

Triple H joined the NXT fans after it went off the air last night

In-fact, HHH believes that Vince deserves more respect than people have been showing him regarding his involvement in NXT.

“You know, one thing that people don’t give Vince McMahon credit for is that none of this would happen without him, The Game said during an NXT teleconference, per Ringside News.

"The concept, the idea of it being an alternative brand doesn’t exist without him and that is part of what makes it great, is his ability to make us do that and his ability to step back and say, ‘This is what it is and I am not going to change that because it moves to a different platform, it is successful for a reason and I want that reason to continue to grow.'”

For those who didn't want Vince to be hands-on with WWE, The Game has a message for you - NXT already have elements of Vince's thinking.

Vince McMahon was so excited to watch NXT on USA Network that he was texting Triple H with a countdown, according to The Game himself

“Truth is, everything with WWE has his fingerprints on it, even NXT," continued HHH.

"I have sat under his learning tree for 25 plus years and a lot of things that I do were taught directly from him.

It definitely has his fingerprints, everything in the company has his fingerprints but we’re not looking to change NXT, he’s not looking to get involved; trust me, he’s got enough stuff going on.

"NXT is going to be what it is and what it has been as an alternative and much more for our core base; for those who are super passionate and really into what we do as opposed to being a casual fan.

"The people who are really into it, this is the brand for them. They are going to feel like this is home for them. If anything, we’ll just make it more of that.”

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